MFT/3 Side Box Hanger
The MFT/3 Side Box Hanger makes it easy and safe
to hang a custom made box
or plastic tray on any side of the MFT/3.
Install the hanger so it is flush with the top edge of your box and use the hardware we
provide with every hanger, 2 hex head, 1/4"-20 bolts, nuts and washers.
The side box can not accidentally fall off the MFT/3. The hanger slides into the extrusion.
Using the hardware we provide with every hanger the side box can not be lifted from the
extrusion it must slide out of it.
Plastic trays and drawer organizers shown on these pictures were purchased at Harbor
Freight and  Home Depot.  Metal tray available at Rockler.
MFT3 Side
Box Hanger
$ 13