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The bracket hangs securely from the "V" groove of the
extrusion and it is secured in place by a female, open ended
knob and bolt that fits the lower track of the extrusion.
The extension connects to the bracket by means of a 1/4"-20 "T" nut and bolt combination.
The center slot on the bracket is used to attach the extension to the bracket.
The extension is secured to the bracket by a phenolic knob provided with every purchase.
Our Folding Extension Support Bracket is installed on any extension by means of the shown above
T nut and bolt system.
Each support bracket  can be removed from one extension and installed in  another extension,
quickly and securely.
It is adjustable and the leg can be locked in place by inserting a screw on the hole located below
the slot for a strong and solid support .
It is designed to use a 3/4" x 3-1/2" board.
We provide all the necessary hardware, the user provides the board.
One MFT/3 Extension Bracket
with all the hardware as shown

$ 29  
One Folding Extension Support
with all hardware as shown in picture.
Wood NOT included.

$  29
MFT/3  Extension Bracket
For this application use one or two brackets per extension.