Door Hanger's Hook  

A door hook is used by door hangers to hold a door firmly against the opening for inscribing
lines along the sides, top and bottom of a door.

It is a necessary tool for anyone attempting to hang a residential door using the very precise
scribe method, popularized by contractor and author Gary Katz in his book "The Door
Hangers Handbook" and on his most recent DVD "The Doorhanger's DVD".

The door hook shown here was developed and  manufactured by Multiblades.

Door Hook Features

* Fits on doors 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" thick.

* It extends to work on walls up to 7" thick including casing.

* A pivoting wooden arm guarantees no scratches to casing when securing the door into position.

* Threaded studs pressure inserted into the metal along with wing nuts allow for an easy, fast and secure tightening.

*  Made of .080" thick aluminum with red anodized finish.

*  Pivoting arm is held in place by a flat head bolt and a nylon threaded nut guaranteed not to come lose during use.
Adjusting and Using the Door Hook

The hook needs to be adjusted to accommodate to the wall thickness.  

This simple adjustment needs to be done only once if many doors are to be installed in the same house.

* Slightly loosen the 2 wing nuts you see in the picture below and place the hook on the door.

* Bring the door against the opening and held it there by pulling with one hand from the hook.

* With the other hand raise the pivoting arm until it makes contact with the casing and tighten the wing nuts.

* Bring the pivoting arm to the vertical position and you are done.

Now the door can be pushed and moved around the opening safely and with no risk of falling down.
Door hangers hook  $26.50   
The Door hanger's DVD  $48.00  

The Door hanger's DVD   &  Door Hanger's Hook