Clamping Plate  for
the MFT3
Can be installed and removed in
seconds and placed anywhere
around the MFT3.  
Guide rail clamps of any brand are necessary for use on the T tracks of the clamping plate
and for horizontal use inside the MFT3 aluminum extrusion.
The lower section of the clamping plate allows the use of any type of clamps
to secure the material you are working with.
By using 2 clamp plates you can work with materials of any length.
Difficult to handle material can be easily secured momentarily in place using large spring clamps
then completing the operation using the appropriate clamps, as the pictures show.
An extension table can be attached to the MFT3 using a single
clamping plate and 2 guide rail clamps.
Almost any clamp you may have in your arsenal will work on our clamping plate which
will add versatility to your MFT3
One Clamping Plate
for the MFT3